Partners with Nature

The book Partners with Nature, is a journey through the world of Koppert Biological Systems. It begins with the curiosity and persistence shown by the intrepid founders of the company as they searched, by trial and error, for methods of biological crop protection.

Their inventiveness and their affinity for the work and lives of growers were at the root of the company and its success. This photo series traces the journey that has since taken it all over the world.
The photo's are guiding us on a journey from greenhouses and laboratories in Holland’s Westland to the dry landscapes of southern Spain, from rose nurseries in Africa to an academy for growers in Mexico, past fields of strawberries at the foot of Californian mountains and endless plains in Brazil, to misty Chinese plains full of greenhouses, and to boundless Malaysian tea plantations and South Korean family firms.


Kenya /Africa

California / USA

Tokyo / Japan

South Korea





The Netherlands